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A38,Budapest,Hungary 21/01/2016

Woke up feeling invigorated by the great gig in Vienna last night and began the three hour journey across to Budapest.
We stop off at a motorway service station for coffees and some amazing pastries which were supplied on our rider last night by our great friend Christian. You beauty! What a treat! It was just what we all needed (although we decided against sitting at the picnic table)

We arrive at ‘The A38’ after hearing great things about the place. The A38 is an old Ukrainian stone-carrier ship converted into a venue on the Danube with its organisers having an admirable ethos aimed at putting on diverse cultural events. We were very excited to be invited to play.

Backstage was interesting…
Pic 4

Flesh Roxon, who are doing all these shows in January with us, go down really well and it was nice to catch some of their gig.We play the same set as last night in Vienna. This allows us to relax, enjoy the show and soak up the atmosphere – rather than worrying about what song/sample/guitar tuning is next etc and what a brilliant night it was!!

The show was fantastic. The three of us had such a great time.
Thank you so much, Budapest. You did not disappoint.
Pic 5

We hope to see you again very, very soon.



Szene, Vienna 20/01/2016

Still buzzing after last nights show in Paris when we get up and hop into the cold early morning air. It’s a long old drive today so we are well stocked up with drinks, food and entertainment….first up we get our space rock on and give “Space Ritual” a listen which I hadn’t heard in years. It’s the new remaster and it’s a great listen, good driving music. Ian (ex-36 Strategies) has kindly gifted us some dvds so after the obligatory trying to work out how the van entertainment system works we sit down to watch The Green Man then Wer both of which go down good.


Through France, into Germany and then we finally hit Salzburg around 10pm getting checked in and a nice early night.

Drive onto Vienna next morning goes nice and smooth, quick load in, get set-up and then run through some of the stuff that needs tweaking for tonight’s show. Been coming to Wien since 1991 (I think the Wuk club was our first show here?) and it’s always great fun and nice to see tonight has sold-out….nice one Vienna! Our friend Christian turns up with a bag of very decadent Austrian pastries which is a nice touch for those of us with a sweet tooth.

After a quick veggie tortellini and salad for dinner hang out at the gig and start getting ready for the show. The original Dr Rock, Hannes is playing tonight with his band Rokkitahti so its good to see him and they sound nice and chunky rocking hard during their show (bonus points for the Mission Of Burma cover).

Flesh Roxon play a blinder tonight, sounding really good in the room and the crowd seem well up for it. Our set goes pretty fantastic, the sound onstage is killer and from the start the crowd are going mental. There’s quite a few Disquiet song in the set tonight and it’s great to see them go down so well, people are singing along and really reacting well to them alongside the older ‘classics’. We play “Helpless Still Lost” tonight as well and it’s really beginning to sit well, the big riff and epic chorus seem to strike a chord with people. Great singalong during “Insecurity” and the couple of little Bowie musical tributes/nods seem to go down great as well.

After show we chill for a bit and catch up with Christian etc. and then we have a quick drive through the snow flurries to the hotel. Another early start tomorrow so to bed in anticipation of the trip down to Budapest.

Big thanks to the crew at the Szene for making it such an easy straighforward day and, as always, much love to the fanfuckingtastic crowd at the show. It was a brilliant night,


Backstage At The Mill, Paris 18/01/2016

Well, Paris that was quite a night. Thank you for turning up on a freezing Monday night in January to check us out.We had a difficult start to the tour, due to roadworks we missed our Eurostar train on Sunday evening so had to drive straight to Paris on the Monday after about five hours sleep.Hectic day with loading in and interviews so no time to catch the city life and meet up with friends.

The gig at The Backstage was such a welcome event though. It was great to see so many different faces and a mix of hardcore fans and first timers. You made us feel very welcome and your singing voices got us through the part of the set when the lack of sleep was catching up on us. It was lovely to chat to those of you who hung around afterwards, sorry it took so long to pack away the gear, and thank you for your patience, kind words and support.

A big thanks to Coline for her help and wonderful organisational skills, cheers for making the day go smoothly.It’s been difficult for us at times in France but with friends like you all who turned up at the gig hopefully we’ll always be able to return.

Much love and respect to you all for your warm welcome, we look forward to seeing you again soon,