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Campus Festival,Hungary

Hungary pic 1_sm1
The weekend began with a nice, easy going flight arriving late in Debrecen with time for a bite to eat and a beer or two.We have a leisurely start to the following day.I wake up with the ringing in my ears of the previous night’s conversation…. the observation that there’s a distinct lack of bidets in hotel rooms now compared to when we all began touring. This lead to a rather disturbing conversation (you know the type… once you’ve heard it you can’t un-hear it type conversation) about everyone’s anal washing habits. The ‘wash’, ‘wipe’ or ‘waft’ debate has been tormenting me ever since. Just when I thought we’d covered all topics possible…..

Anyway, we head over to festival for a lunch time sound check. The people looking after us at the festival are really friendly, professional and incredibly helpful. The onstage sound is amazing and we’re ready to rock.
We have time for some lunch and a relaxing afternoon. It’s such a lovely day I walk over to the festival site getting my bearings and being strangely drawn to this along the way…



Nice to be welcomed in such a manner!

I have a bizarre amount of difficulty getting into the festival however (even though, earlier in the day I’m given a ridiculous amount of ‘backstage pass’ wrist bands which I’m told I must wear! Rules is rules, as they say) Eventually, I get in and we’re ready to go.The three of us are really looking forward to the gig. We have just over an hour for our set which allows us to play a couple of extra tunes. We add ‘Living in the Shadow’ which we haven’t played in a while, ‘Stop It You’re Killing Me’, we keep ‘This Ship is Sinking’ in the set after the Crete show and add ‘Lonely Crying only’ too. The show was great fun, the crowd were brilliant and the onstage sound was excellent which always helps!

Hungary pic 3 set list

Spot the typo!

After the gig we had time to cool down and get cleaned up before relaxing and checking out ‘Tankcsapda’ who put on a great show for everybody. The audience obviously loved every minute!
The festival had an amazing atmosphere. It was nice having a wander through.

To finish our evening we hit the bar situated in the 100 yr old water tower and were invited to a VIP tour of the water tower roof. I’m not usually bothered by heights – but, yikes! On reflection, the bottle of tequila consumed en route (by the whole party, not just me I’ll swiftly add) wasn’t the smartest of ideas. What a breath taking end to a great evening.

Hungary pic 1_sm4

Hungary pic 1_sm3
Well done, Hungary. You smashed it!

Rock storm!

Rock storm!

A big thank you must go out to everyone at the festival who looked after us, especially Attila and Dave Bali.

See you soon.

Chania Rock Festival, Crete

I was very excited when the offer for Chania Rocks Festival came in as i’ve always enjoyed our Greek shows ever since the first one in 1994. I like the people, the culture and the general atmosphere of the place. We leave for Crete on a delayed flight and during the trip experience bad turbulence which I’m not a fan of. On arriving very late to Chania we find out that our hotel room hasn’t been booked so we have a late hunt for a replacement and finally get to bed towards 4am.

View from the stage at soundcheck

View from the stage at soundcheck

Next day the weather is glorious and we head to the festival site a wonderful medieval fort at the top of a hill with a sound stage and lighting system fitted.The sun is beating down while we soundcheck and the view from the stage of the coast, blue water and mountains is gorgeous.We get taken to lunch at the harbour and on the way drop in to see the lovely people at Monsterville a Comic book/Rock wear store that has lots of good stuff and kind staff who sort us out with cold drinks which helps in the heat.

Trip to Monsterville

Trip to Monsterville

The meal itself is fantastic and is made all the more enjoyable by the sea view. We have fun and people-watch while eating.

McKeegan contemplates a dip

McKeegan contemplates a dip

The gig itself is a lot of fun. All the bands seem to be enjoying themselves and the crowd seem up for it. I manage to catch all of Rotting Christ‘s set and it’s a wonderful mix of extreme power and memorable riffs and vocal hooks. ‘ Nemesis‘ is a particular favourite.

When we take the stage it’s apparent that a few people have travelled from outside of Greece to come to the show. Big respect to the Finnish, the Turkish, the Dutch, the English and of course those from mainland Greece that have made their way over to this famous island to watch us play. It’s a memorable experience to be onstage in the evening heat, watching out over the crowd and the bay with a summer breeze not only blowing into our faces but putting a strange pressure on the guitar strings meaning that inbetween songs there is a mysterious ethereal hum coming from the amps.

Front row!

Front row!

Afterwards the boys head into town to party the night away at the Rock bar and I head back to the hotel to be woken in the middle of the night by some drunks having an altercation with the police outside. Next day we have our van hit by a car and thankfully no one is hurt in either vehicle but we have a nervous hour waiting on the police hoping we can still make it to the airport in time for our flight.

Thanks to all the people who put on Chania Rocks, all the fans and friends that made the effort and a big thanks to Richard and Mark from Therapy?’s crew who had an awful lot of work foisted on them this weekend. Looking forward to the next time we do club shows in Greece.

Take care,
Andy C