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Nirwana Fest & Boerenrock 2016

26th August 2016
Nirwana festival,
Lierop, Holland

Sorry for the delay on this. After returning from the two shows and sitting down to type some kind of diary my laptop decided to grind to a halt, annoying the shit out of me. This developed from screaming at the machine into a period of red mist where I caught myself punching the keyboard repeatedly, smashing in the keys and power button. (“ooooh, you don’t wanna do that” I hear you cry… damn right I don’t!) So, a new laptop and a silly number of hours salvaging all the shit I’ve accumulated over the years. It’s true what they say about regular back-ups, kids.

Now then, the gigs…
The trip began with a pleasant trip over to Holland. Travelling across on the Eurostar and arriving at the hotel in time to have a beer with The Stranglers and crew. All very relaxed and everyone seemed to be looking forward to the following day’s show.The festival had really nice feel to it. Very relaxed and well organised. Who could argue with any festival that decorates the dressing room with this…


Starman in the dressing room.

We were really excited about playing and got to add a couple of songs since our previous show. Having not played ’30 seconds’ in a while it’s a real treat to play.


Setlist Nirwana Fest


Men in black

The gig was great fun.
After our show we had time for a beer and got to check out The Stranglers who played a storming set!

27th August 2016
Boerenrock festival,
Kortenaken, Belgium

We began the day with a leisurely trip across to Belgium. The temperature was extreme. It was a bloody scorcher!!
We found our dressing room and settled in although it was miles away from the stage. This can be a little disconcerting – strangely, the constant thump, thump of a bass drum makes you feel part of the festival. When you’re sat in silence it can a be a little…. well, odd. Having said that, the gig is brilliant. The onstage sound is excellent and we all really enjoy ourselves.


Full frontal


Rear end

Holland and Belgium, thanks.
Until the next time.