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“Wood & Wire” Acoustic cd recording session

When we heard we were heading out on the “Wood & Wire” acoustic tour we thought it might be a good idea to ‘document’ the tour/idea with a companion cd which people could get at the shows, sort’ve a momento of the night with the reworked older songs on there. Anyway, to get the cd pressed/produced in time we found ourselves back in Blast Studios right at the start of October, acoustic guitars in hand. First day is always a bit of a set-up, get sounds up and fine tune stuff and as my flight gets in quite late, the lads have already got their gear up and are ready to roll. After a quick hello to everyone and a cup of tea later we are up and running. Once we fall into a routine it begins to go quick, normally we’ll re-arrange the song a bit, tweak the tempo, Andy will do a guide vocal/guitar and then myself and Neil would take a couple of passes at the song and nail the rhythm parts. Come 10:30pm we’re all feeling a bit frazzled so we decide to pick it up fresh again in the morning. We’ve still to drive over and check into the hotel so off we go to get settled in case of any late night ‘no room at the inn’ hi-jinks.


Andy on axe

Walk over the bridge from Gateshead to the studio the next glorious morning is quite a feeling. Sun is shining and the streets are quiet, always nice to be up and at ‘em before the rest of the world is awake.


Glorious views in Newcastle

We finish off the remaining 3 songs by noon and then after a short break Andy is straight in doing the guitars. Neil and I take the opportunity to nip out and collect some lunch for everyone and the rest of the afternoon is spent hanging out in the studio whilst Andy finishes up the guitars and moves onto the vocals. Our friend Jenny comes down after dinner time to add some cello to our new version of “Gone” and that sounds amazing. A very cool addition to the recording, hope you will agree!


Jenny on cello!

Get finished up around 8pm or so and Andy heads back to the hotel whilst Neil and myself take the scenic route walking back over the bridge and enjoying watching the ebullient Newcastle nightlife begin to build-up.


We’re now at the final day of recording and we have a busy day ahead.
At this point in the session things have come together nicely for the tracks we’ll be putting on the acoustic tour ‘memento’ CD.


Neil getting jazzy

After a long day, yesterday, Andy heads to the studio early this morning to record the vocals and guitar parts on the remaining songs. Once the recorded parts have been finished we all get a chance to listen through each song and make any last-minute comments and suggestions about the recordings. By mid afternoon we’re able to leave studio engineer, Thom, to begin the mixing process.


Rythmn section hard at it

As mixing gets underway, rather than sitting around waiting and twiddling our thumbs, we’re able to meet up with our old friend Tom Hoad to take some photos and capture our time in the studio. He has a couple of locations in mind which we head out to and we also invite him in to the studio to snap away whilst we play through some tunes.


Mr Hoad snapping away

Finally, before heading off on flights and long road journeys home, we head back in to the studio and listen through the first song Thom has mixed. Everything’s sounding great and really captures the session nicely.
Hope you enjoy it.


“Wood & Wire” Acoustic Tour starts Nov 15th!

Yes, folks the “Wood & Wire” tour starts in a couple of weeks now and the full dates can be found below. Also mongst the new merch we will have a companion acoustic cd featuring reworks of some older songs. This will be available exclusively at these shows and any extra will be sold online AFTER the tour, first come, first served so to speak.

Here’s a taster…

Full “Wood & Wire” dates 2016

Nov 15-Oosterpoort,Groningen, Netherlands
Nov 16-Melkweg, Amsterdam,Netherlands
Nov 18-013,Tilburg, Netherlands
Nov 19-Warande,Turnhout, Belgium
Nov 20-Orpheus,Apeldoorn, Netherlands
Nov 22-Muziekgieterij,Maastricht,Netherlands
Nov 23-Botanique,Brussels, Belgium
Nov 24-De Spil,Roeselare, Belgium
Nov 25-Arminius,Rotterdam, Netherlands
Nov 27-Porgy & Bess,Vienna, Austria
Nov 28-Colos-Saal,Aschaffenburg, Germany
Nov 29-Stone Im Ratinger Hof,Dusseldorf, Germany
Dec 01-Union Chapel,London, UK