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Just a quick one before we shut up (rock) shop for the holidays to wish you all a very happy Xmas and New Year. From a 2016 band point of view we had a great run of “Infernal Love revisited” shows, a summer of killer festivals and most recently our 1st acoustic tour. There are already a few cool tours/shows in the pipeline for 2017 plus we’ll be writing and recording album #15 so do watch out for info on all of that as and when it happens. As always, thank you for your continued support of the band, you’re a wonderful bunch! Have a lovely festive time folks and here’s to 2017!therapy-xmas


Apologies, the last remaining copies have all gone.

We’ve been asked by a few people, because of the very limited numbers involved, if it would be possible to pre-order the last remaining Gemil Boxsets. You can pre-order HERE, but please BE AWARE that it may take 6-8 weeks before you will receive the Boxset. We are at the mercy of Amazon (who have the remaining stock) as to when they actually send them back to us…and Christmas and New Year will interfere with matters. Obviously if we can ship earlier we will!! All parcels will be sent by courier or registered post.

Band favourites of 2016!


Burial-Young Death/Nightmarket
Nothing-Tired of Tomorrow
Architects-All Our Gods Have Abandoned Us
Savages-Adore Life
Danny Brown-Atrocity Exhibition
Moor Mother-Fetish Bones
Elza Soares-A Mulher Do Fim Do Mundo

Neon Demon
Green Room
The Missing
True Detective 2
American Horror Story Roanoke
84 Charing Cross Road at Cambridge Arts Theatre
Watching Chelsea beat Manchester United 4-0 at Stamford Bridge in a match that became a fitting tribute to the late, much missed, Matthew Harding.

Chris Petit-Butchers of Berlin
Emma Cline-The Girls


Blood Incantation-Starspawn
System Of Hate-Unhallowed Ground
Metallica-KEM/RTL remasters
Ghost BC-Square Hammer
Gost-Non Paradisi
Okkultokrati-Raspberry Dawn
Darkthrone-Arctic Thunder
The Virgin Marys-Divides
BAT-Wings Of Chains
Naïve Sense-Art Failures
MAKE-Pilgrimage Of Loathing
Horseback-Dead Ringers
Bloody Hammers-Lovely Sort Of Death
Dinosaur Jnr-Give A Glimpse Of What Yer Not
The Body-Nobody Deserves Happiness
Voivod-Post Society
Oranssi Pazuzzu-Värähtelijä
Entombed AD-Dead Dawn
NASA Space Universe-70 AD
Miasmal-Tides Of Omniscience
Lust For Youth-Compassion
Howls Of Ebb-Cursus Impasse: The Pendlomic Vows
G.L.O.S.S.-Trans Day Of Revenge
Castle-Welcome To The Graveyard
Art Of Burning Water-Between Life And Nowhere

House Of Cards
Green Inferno
Bone Tomahawk
American Horror Story
Green Room
True Detective 2
Black Mass
It Follows
Stranglers-Nirwana Festival, NL
Mastodon-Limelight, Belfast
Marduk-Wacken Festival, DE
Mike Monroe-Stone Free Festival, UK


Day Four-Sarah Lotz
A Death In The Family-Karl Ove Knausgaard
Midnight Sun-Jo Nesbo
A Brief History Of Seven Murders-Marlon James
Mr Mercedes-Stephen King
The Fireman-Joe Hill


DJ Shadow-The Mountain Will Fall
Lindstrom-Closing Shot
John Carpenter-Lost Themes
Philly Joe Jones-Philly Joe’s Beat

The Missing
Murder in Successville
The Revenant
I, Daniel Blake
The Lobster
The Big Short
Mudhoney – Rescue Rooms, Notts
The Hunchback of Notre Dame (1923) Silent movie with live musical accompaniment – Cathedral, Derby

Hell’s Angels – Hunter S Thompson
The Axeman’s Jazz – Ray Celestin

“Wood & Wire” acoustic tour (week 3)

Porgy & Bess, Vienna
After a night letting off steam and eating well in Linz, the following morning we head over to Vienna. The venue Porgy and Bess is a renowned jazz venue and we’re very excited to be playing there. The venue’s wonderful and the gig’s brilliant. To top things off, our friends Christian and Hannes join us onstage for Screamager, Nowhere and Die Laughing which is great fun!

Colosaal, Aschaffenburg
Apart from the freeeezing cold dressing room, the Colos-saal was great. Lovely people and great food! The show goes down really well and we have a smashing time.

Stone Im Ratinger, Dusseldorf
(Before leaving Aschaffenburg)
Ok, so, me and Herb (our lovely merch guy) dropped everyone’s washing in at a launderette the previous day to be washed overnight and picked up before leaving for Dusseldorf. The morning’s plan was to quickly pick up the clean clothes and then head off… erm, not quite!!
Let’s just say something was lost in translation and the launderette thought we were picking up the clothes a day later than we wanted!! After much pleading from us both we were asked to return in 2 hrs and everyone’s washing would be done. This allowed us to have an unexpected walk around Aschaffenburg which was absolutely lovely I must say. The Christmas market was in full swing and Christmas was definitely in the air. What began as a disaster actually turned out very well (thankfully for me and Herb!!!)


We eventually arrived in Dusseldorf, sound checked and made sure everything was nice and comfortable on stage. The gig turns out to be more like a ‘rock gig’ than most of the shows we’ve done on this acoustic tour (yes, there was even stage diving!!) Everyone was very rowdy and in fine voice. Thanks Dusseldorf, what a great night.

After the show we begin the trek back to Blighty. We make a start by driving to Holland to stay over before driving on to London the next day for an evening off. We all chill out and have a lovely meal together in preparation for London.

We arrive at the Union Chapel around lunchtime. All I can say is wow – what a venue! The place is stunning.
We spend time getting the sounds right on stage – tonight we have our friends playing alongside us, Stevie and also Jenny Nendick on cello, so we make sure they’re happy and sounding great.
For us, the gig was amazing. I loved every minute. Thank you, London and thank you to everyone who travelled to the show. What a fantastic end to the tour!



An acoustic tour was always going to be an odd one for us (from our end and yours)
It was the first time we’ve attempted acoustic shows and I can honestly say I’ve not had so much fun in a long time.
Approaching the songs and the tour in the way we did was a real challenge but it was incredibly rewarding and to be honest I’ve come off the back of the tour feeling invigorated and full of new ideas for the future. I loved it! Thank you for your part in making each and every show so special.


A massive thank you to everyone who came out to the shows in each city and all who travelled from around the world to join in the fun. Also, thanks to all our friends who got up onstage and played alongside us. We really must do it again some time!


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“Wood & Wire” acoustic cd available at the webstore now (SOLD-OUT)

Apologies, all the copies of this run have sold-out now.

Pleased to announce we now have some of the limited edition “Wood & Wire” acoustic cds available over at the webstore. The 11 track album features reworked songs from “Babyteeth” right up to “Disquiet” and was orginally available on the “Wood & Wire” 2016 tour. ORDER IT HERE

CD BOOKLET rev2.indd


If It Kills Me
Idiot Cousin
Die Laughing
Nobody Here But Us
A Moment Of Clarity