“Wood & Wire” EIRE/NI Tour-Part 2

DAY THREE_Spirit Store_Dundalk 27_04_2017

Following a raucous evening in Belfast we get up with slightly sore heads and begin the journey to Dundalk. I have the ‘S.Town’ podcast as my companion on the journey and time flies.

We arrive and have plenty of time for a relaxing soundcheck and get ready for the show. The last time we were here we played the ‘full on’ set so the sonic approach could not be more different. We make sure everything sounds as it should.The show’s great and, as always, both sets fly by. We have a great time.

Dirt deed dundalk cheap (courtesy H. Magee)

Dirt deeds dundalk cheap (pun courtesy H. Magee)

We all head back to the hotel for a relatively early night. Predictably this is the night we can all hear the nightclub sound system from over the road! Bass bins that shook the bed – I’m not kidding ha ha. A great night all the same, Dundalk.

DAY FOUR_Cypress Avenue_Cork_28_04_2017

The last time we played Cypress Avenue the drum monitor fell on top of me mid-gig so I have a love/hate relationship with the place ha ha. They’re always great gigs though! We arrive with plenty of time to relax and then soundcheck.
The crowd were great tonight and we really enjoyed the show.These acoustic dates have been so enjoyable. I’ve thoroughly enjoyed reworking the songs with the boys and have had great fun tackling the acoustic playing style I’ve adopted – playing brush work on the snare drum, which is a complete departure for me and a whole new technique in itself!

(Pic kind courtesy Liam Kielt Photography)

Thanks, Cork. Another great night (and no monitor landing on me this time – smashing).And so onto Galway….

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