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A week ’til Sonisphere

Week ‘til @Sonisphere and our “Infernal Love” album set! Rehearsals going great & we start Bohemia stage 19:00

“53 Minutes Under Byker”-Andy acoustic album now available (UPDATE:SOLD OUT)

Apologies, all of Andy’s solo acoustic cds have now sold out and that’s the last of the run. Many thanks to all that ordered (and bought it at the previous acoustic shows), much appreciated.

Quote from Andy re:availiblity of his solo acoustic album on the webstore (order here)…

“Hi folks, the last remaining CD’s from last years acoustic tour are now up
for sale on the T? Site. There aren’t many left. I’ll be recording a brand new bunch of tracks for the September acoustic tour and I won’t be selling the current one so when it’s gone it’s gone.

Very much looking forward to a new experience in September.

Best Andy C”

Andy Acoustic_LG

2014 Update/Recap

Right everybody,

Summer is rapidly approaching and we will soon be hitting the mid point of 2014 so thought it might be nice to give everyone a wee update of where we’re at at this point in time. Various info and facts may well change over time so some of this info/timeline is moot…shit happens sometimes!

New album…

Tracking those demos

Mr Dalgety in action

The album has been tracked (sounding awesome so far)and is now in the process of being mixed.  Once that’s done to our and Tom Dalgetys satisfaction then we’ll be getting that mastered and begin the process of deciding on a tracklist, artwork and all that stuff. We’d hope to see that released towards the end of the year and we’ll be giving you updates on how that’s progressing through the summer.

Other releases…

Gemil Box...contents

Gemil Box…contents

There’s been a few ‘anniversary/retrospective’ releases of late and the reaction to them has  been great. Really glad everyone enjoyed the expanded packaging and the rare/unreleased tracks that were on the various releases. The ‘Gemil boxset‘ that came out last year is still available (full tracklist here) , there are ‘deluxe editions’ of “Troublegum” & “Infernal Love” out (signed copies of “Infernal Love” ONLY from our online store as the signed “Troublegum” cds are all gone) and there’s also “Stories:The Collection“, a budget/entry level/beginners guide to the A&M singles out as well.  To everyone who’s bought them and given us all the positive feedback, we truly appreciate it!


First up big big thanks to everyone who came out for the “TG20” UK run in April, its was an absolute blast for us and the best fun we’ve had on tour in years. We also were lucky enough to dip our toes into the festival season with two blinding gigs at Coastrock and Ruusrock, again two fantastic vibey shows which we loved.


Quite the line-up…

Some more festivals coming up…Hellfest in France, our first visit to Guernsey for the Chaosfest, Sonisphere in the UK (where we will be doing a special “Infernal Love” album set) and a load more (some August festivals will be confirmed soon!). As always the ONLY confirmed dates are listed on the tour page here. Once the new album comes out we will of course be looking at doing a headine tour in support of that.

Andy Acoustic_sm


Andy has also confirmed another short UK run of solo acoustic shows and again all the confirmed dates are over at the main site.

That’s all for now, we’ve had a great 2014 so far and lots of exciting stuff coming up in the next 6-12 months. As always much love and respect to all of you good people who have supported us over the years, it’s very much appreciated.

Andy-Neil-Michael THERAPY? 2014

“TG20″ Tour Video For Stream & Download

Short video “TG20” tour momento courtesy Kiran Acharya. Shot on the April 2014 UK tour with additional interview footage shot in Newcastle later that month. Feel free to share etc. It’s optimised for smartphones so if you want to put it in your iTunes/whatever you can download the video file here.

Six minutes of Therapy? from 147 Digital on Vimeo.

Album Tracking Diary 17-30/04/2014

Well, that’s another session nearly finished. We’ve just completed a fortnights recording at Blast Studios in Newcastle-Upon-Tyne, north east of England. We worked incredibly hard and put in very long days so that we could cram as much into the session as possible. It was just the three of us and the producer, Tom Dalgety, in the studio left to our own devices, no distractions.

At a previous session we’d rehearsed and recorded live demo versions of 19 songs, 18 of which were originals and one cover. After living with these for a fortnight 12 originals were chosen for the purpose of album number 14. These 12 were chosen because of their suitability for the kind of record we wanted to make. Hopefully the other 7 songs will be recorded over the summer.


Drums were done first, Thursday to Monday morning then bass guitar Monday evening to Wednesday morning ,guitars from Wednesday evening to Saturday afternoon and then finally vocals and backing vocals from Saturday night to Tuesday afternoon. It all went very smoothly and apart from a fuse blowing on a Marshall Amp there was no gear problems or technical issues.



From a personal standpoint this was definitely the most i’ve enjoyed a studio session since ‘Suicide Pact..’ mainly for the fact that everyone got on with it and there was no arse-ing around. Tom is great to work with and makes things happen to maximum effect with minimum drama.


We’ll tell you more about the songs themselves shortly but so far we’ve heard a couple that have been mixed and we’re very happy indeed.

It was great to be back up in Newcastle again, i’ve grown very fond of the place since i’ve been there so much in recent years, the Tyneside Cinema and the Cluny are two particular faves. Looking forward to giving you a bit more info on the tunes etc but that will come soon enough.



After rehearsing, straight into the Troublegum 20 tour and then straight into the studio for recording i feel a bit unusual being back at home in the peace and quiet of the village where i live but it’s doing me good to get some rest before we start festivals, begininng this weekend with Ruus Rock Belgium where we’re hoping to catch up with a lot of our friends.


Recently i’ve seen a lot of great movies, Under the Skin, Calvary, Locke and All is Lost and heard some inspiring music from Mica Levi-Under the Skin OST, Crusades-Perhaps you Deliver This Judgement With Greater Fear Than I Receive It, Arctic Flowers-Weaver,Truth-30,000ft, Clay Rendering-Waters Above the Firmament and Fatima Al Quadiri-Asiatisch no name but a few.

Great reading from Henry Marsh-Do No Harm, Michael Faber-Under the Skin (you might have guessed correctly that i’m more than a bit obsessed with this at the minute) and Samuel Beckett-Echo’s Bones.

Got a chance to catch Chelsea against Norwich City, a disappointing game at Stamford Bridge but i’m hopeful, as usual, for next season, it’s still feeling good to have the special one back.


Next up is hopefully getting the album mixed within the next 10 days and then we’ll be selecting running order, title, artwork etc, we’ll keep you up to speed as we go along.


Take care everyone, we’re looking forward to sharing the new tunes with you and seeing you on the road soon enough. Thanks again for all your continued and valued support,



Andy C

“Stories” A&M Singles Collection out now

Stories:The Collection” our new ‘entry level/beginners’ singles collection is out today. Includes 12 Top 40 hits all remastered (same remasters as the Gemil Box versions though the “Infernal Love” tracks have the intros/segues removed) with new sleeve notes by the legendary Dave Ling and a low low price.






04.Opal Mantra


06.Trigger Inside

07.Die Laughing





12.Bad Mother

13.Church Of Noise

14.Lonely Cryin’ Only

“Infernal Love” at Sonisphere 2014

Delighted to have been asked back to Sonisphere UK to perform “Infernal Love” in its entirety. Our “Troublegum” show there back in 2010 was a special night indeed and we are very much looking forward to playing our 1995 fan favourite at the UKs premier rock festival. See you all Sunday July 6th 19:20 on the Bohemia stage, red frilly shirts optional!




“TG20″-UK Tour Running Times

Doors and running times for the “TG20″ shows in April. Note that there might be slight changes on the day but take these as pretty much set in stone. Also note Nottingham and Glasgow are earlier than the rest and the Glasgow show has MOVED from the Classic Grand to the GARAGE (yes, we know the poster below says otherwise!)

Troublegum anniversary tour poster 500px

2nd April Trinity Centre, Bristol

Doors 19:30

Lonely The Brave 20:20

Therapy? 21:30


3rd April Academy 2, Manchester

Doors 19:30

LTB 20:20

Therapy? 21:30


4th April Wulfrun Hall, Wolverhampton

Doors 19:30

LTB 20:20

Therapy? 21:30


5th April Rock City, Nottingham

Doors 18:30

LTB 19:30

Therapy? 20:30


7th April The Garage, Glasgow (+++NOTE CHANGE OF VENUE FROM Classic Grand to The Garage)

Doors 19:00

LTB 19:30

Therapy? 20:30


8th April Waterfront, Norwich

Doors 19:30

LTB 20:20

Therapy? 21:30


9th April Scala, London

Doors 19:30

LTB 20:20

Therapy? 21:30


April 10th-Mo’ Club, Southampton

Doors 19:00

LTB 20:20

Therapy? 21:30


Chaos Festival, Guernsey 2014

Delighted to announce we will be making our first ever appearance in the Channel Islands at Guernseys Chaos Festival on June 27th 2014. It promises to be a fun trip and the earlybird (weekend) tickets are now available for £18.


“Troublegum” & “Infernal Love” ‘deluxe editions’ more info and pre-order

“Troublegum” and “Infernal Love” are getting the UMG ‘deluxe edition‘ treatment (as you can see we’re in some good company there) and scheduled for release on Monday March 31st 2014. The releases coincide with the 20th anniversary of “Troublegum” and we will be doing a short UK “TG20” tour to celebrate. The cd PRE-ORDER is up now (iTunes preorder “TG“, iTunes preorder “IL”) and there’s also a chance to win tickets and a pre-show ‘meet & greet’ at one of the UK April shows.

We also have a limited run of autographed copies of them available on our official webstore. We will ship worldwide as well!


Original albums remastered by Harvey Birrell (Pleasure Death, Nurse, Gemil Box) NB. The “TG” and “IL” remasters are the same versions that appear in “The Gemil Box”.

Bonus discs of b-sides, remixes & live tracks all remastered at Abbey Road. “Troublegum “ discs 2 & 3 compile the “Short Sharp Shock”, “Face The Strange”, “Opal Mantra” eps and the songs from the “Nowhere”, “ Trigger Inside”, “Die Laughing” and “Isolation” 7”/12”/cd/cassette singles. “Infernal Love” disc 2 compiles the “Loose”, “Diane,” “Misery” and “Bad Mother” 7”/cd/cassette singles.

Expanded artwork put together from the bands personal archive by Curt Evans (High Anxiety, Never Apologise, One Cure Fits All, Scopohobia).

Extensive sleeve notes by writer Paul Brannigan (Kerrang!, Q, Rolling Stone, “This Is A Call:Life Of Dave Grohl”, “Birth School Metallica Death” author) featuring a new interview with Andy Cairns discussing the writing, recording and touring of the albums.

Both albums will be available digitally (iTunes etc) on March 31st as well. Please note these releases are a UMG UK & Ireland inititative/release at the minute so its up to the other countries labels to chose if they want to ‘domestically’ release them. If they’re not available in your locale, that unfortunately is out of our hands. Also note a few people have asked will there be vinyl re-issues of these…again, this is up to UMG and as far as we know they have chosen NOT to do a vinyl version of either at this point in time.


DISC 1-Original album (remastered)

01. Knives
02. Screamager
03. Hellbelly
04. Stop It You’re Killing Me
05. Nowhere
06. Die Laughing
07. Unbeliever
08. Trigger Inside
09. Lunacy Booth
10. Isolation
11. Turn
12. Femtex
13. Unrequited
14. Brainsaw


01. Pantopon Rose
02. Breaking The Law
03. C C Rider
04. Nowhere (Sabres Of Paradise Mix)
05. Nowhere (Therapeutic Distortion Mix)
06. Lunacy Booth (String Version)
07. Isolation (Consolidated Mix)
08. Isolation (Consolidated Synth Mix)
09. Stop It You’re Killing Me (Live At The Town & Country, Leeds/ 1994)
10. Trigger Inside (Live At The Town & Country, Leeds/ 1994)
11. Evil Elvis (The Lost Demo)
12. Die Laughing (David Holmes Mix 1)
13. Die Laughing (David Holmes Mix 2)
14. Nice ‘N’ Sleazy
15. Reuters
16. Tatty Seaside Town


01. Trigger Inside (Psycho Amigo Instrumental)
02. Trigger Inside (Psycho Amigo Mix)
03. Knives (Kiddie Version)
04. Auto Surgery
05. Totally Random Man
06. Accelerator
07. Speedball
08. Bloody Blue
09. Neck Freak (New Version)
10. Opal Mantra
11. Opal Mantra (Live At The Forum, London/ 1993)
12. Innocent X (Live At Columbus Uni, New York/ 1993)
13. Potato Junkie (Live At CBGB’s, New York/ 1993)
14. Nausea (Live At CBGB’s, New York/ 1993)
15. Totally Random Man (Demo Version)
16. Turn (Demo Version)
17. Knives (Demo Version)
18. Unbeliever (Demo Version)


DISC 1-Original album (remastered)

01. Epilepsy
02. Stories
03. A Moment Of Clarity
04. Jude The Obscene
05. Bowels Of Love
06. Misery
07. Bad Mother
08. Me Vs You
09. Loose
10. Diane
11. 30 Seconds


01. Misery (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
02. Die Laughing (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
03. Screamager (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
04. Jude The Obscene (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
05. Loose (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
06. 30 Seconds (Acoustic Version) (B-Side Diane)
07. Our Love Must Die (B-Side Loose)
08. Nice Guys (B-Side Loose)
09. Loose (Photek Remix) (B-Side Loose)
10. Die Laughing (Live) (B-Side Loose)
11. Nowhere (Live) (B-Side Loose)
12. Unbeliever (Live) (B-Side Loose)
13. Knives (Live) (B-Side Misery)
14. Stories (Live) (B-Side Misery)
15. Innocent X (Remix) (Volume Single)
16. Disgracelands (Acoustic) (B-Side Bad Mother)
17. Diane (Acoustic) (B-Side Bad Mother)
18. Opal Mantra (Acoustic) (B-Side Bad Mother)