2018 Update/News!

It’s been a busy and exciting start to 2018 for us so far. At the minute we are in the studio about halfway through recording album number fifteen (!!!) and things are sounding excellent. For this album we have reunited with Chris Sheldon as producer and we’ve been enjoying the creative and productive working atmosphere. Its likely you know Chris’s name from his sterling work on Troublegum/Semi-Detached/High Anxiety as well as albums by Foo Fighters, Biffy Clyro etc. Once we are done recording mid-February, Chris will mix the tracks with a plan to getting some new music out later in the year.

Chris Sheldon in a Therapy? sandwich!

We’ll not be slacking as we already have a host of shows booked starting with a lengthy run around Eire/N. Ireland/Scotland/England/Wales with The Stranglers right through March. We don’t need to tell you that we are huge fans of the band and we’re really excited to be part of this great package. All the dates are listed HERE.

The Stranglers/Therapy? tour March 2018!

There are a couple of festivals in place already (more pending!), Bearded Theory in the UK plus the Rockavaria Festival in Munich and Street Mode Festival in Greece. Also note we have a short run of German club shows in the days prior to Rockaveria if you cant make the festivals.

German Shows 2018!

Anyway, once the album release date is confirmed we will be going out to do extensive headline touring of our own to promote the record and hopefully be swinging by somewhere near to you. As ever, keeping checking here for updates and of course we’re on the usual social media for more day to day updates and studio/tour bits and bobs…


Cheers folks!


Band picks of 2017

It’s been a bumper year for great music, books and movies.Check out what the band have been enjoying most over the past 12 months!


Lil Peep-Come Over When You’re Sober
Burial-Pre Dawn/Indoors
Danny Brown-Atrocity Exhibition
Husker Du-Savage Young Du
Jlin-Black Origami
Power Trip-Nightmare Logic

The Sinner
Alias Grace
Stranger Things 2
Get Out
Chelsea win the 2016/17 season

Jeff VanderMeer-Annihilation
Mark Steven-Splatter Capital
Glenn Patterson-Gull (courtesy of Mr McKeegan)


Public Enemy – Nothing is Quick in the Desert
LCD Sound System – American Dream
Christine and the Queens – Chaleur Humaine
Thundercat – Them Changes
Red Fang – Only Ghosts

Blade Runner 2049
Get Out
T2 Trainspotting
Bunch of Kunst
My Scientology Movie
Sleaford Mods at Rock City, Nottingham

Jason Arnopp – The Last Days of Jack Sparks
Naom Chomsky – Who Rules the World?
William Boyd – The New Confessions
Magnus Mills – All Quiet on the Orient express


No Warning-Torture Culture
Grave Pleasures-Motherblood
Converge-The Dusk In Us
Cloak-To Venomous Depths
Tetragrammicide-Primal Incinerators of Moral Matrix
Droid-Terrestrial Mutations
Mastodon-Emperor Of Sand
Woe-Hope Attrition
Power Trip-Nightmare Logic
Venenum-Trance Of Death
Oxbow-Thin Black Duke
Vampire-With Primeval Force
Slaegt-Domus Mysterium
Pissed Jeans-Why Love Now
Voivod-Rrroooaaarrr, Killing Technology, Dimension Hatross (Noise re-issues)
Kreator-(Noise Re-issues)
Celtic Frost-(Noise re-issues)
Suffering Hour-In Passing Ascension
Shirley Holmes-Schnelle Nummern
Max Richter-Three Worlds:Music From Woolf Works
Intergrity-Howling,For The Nightmare Shall Consume
Arvo Party-Arvo Party
Algiers-The Underside Of Power
Wiccans-Sailing A Crazy Ship
Rope Sect-Personae Ingratae // Proselytes
Venom Inc-Ave
The Lurking Fear-Out Of The Voiceless Fear
Mogwai-Every Country’s Sun
Chris Catalyst-Life Is Often Brilliant
Bad Breeding-Divide

The Replacement
Line Of Duty
Breaking Bad (again!)
Bad Day For The Cut
The Sinner
Peaky Blinders
Meshuggah-Limelight, Belfast

Nathan Hill-The Nix
Magnus Mills-Cloth Of Gold
Decibels Hall Of Fame Vol 2
Hideo Yokoyama-Sixty Four
Rupert Thompson-Katherine Caryle

Last posting dates for XMAS for Therapy? webstore

Yes,we know it seems early but we like to be organised at T? HQ. So, if you’re planning on ordering from our webstore and would like items BEFORE Xmas please note the dates below…

Ireland 20th December
N.Ireland 19th December
UK 18th December
Europe 13th December
USA 13th December
Rest of World 7th December