Communion:Live At The Union Chapel (Double Live CD)


Communion:Live At The Union Chapel, acoustic live double cd recorded London 1st December 2016. Release date is 19th of August & the album contains the full 24 tracks played at the show as well as the between song chat and stories. Full tracklisting below…

-Trigger Inside/Our Love Must Die/Disgracelands/Tides/Living In The Shadow Of The Terrible Thing/Evil Elvis/Accelerator/If It Kills Me/Opal Mantra/Idiot Cousin/Gone/Stories

DISC TWO-Turn/Still Hurts/Lonely Cryin’ Only/Stop It You’re Killing Me/Knives/Potato Junkie/A Moment Of Clarity/Loose/Diane/Screamager/Nowhere/Die Laughing


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