The Stranglers tour is over and what a blast it was!

The dust has settled after the recent The Stranglers tour and have to say in our 28 years of being a band, it has got to rank as one of the very best touring experiences we’ve ever had.

It was a real honour to be welcomed into The Stranglers family and to get to hang out and play with our heroes for 4 weeks. A brilliant band, on top of their game with a killer road crew and a very receptive audience, we were spoilt from start to finish. Big love & thanks to JJ, Baz, Dave, Jim, Gary, Louie, James, Luke, Andi, Pat, Andy, Ian, Merv, Kev, Rikki,Pete, Raphael, Damon, David, Richard, Bev and Anthony!

And of course to our own ‘dream team’ for making our shows effortless…Rich, Steve, Mark & Herb!

The Stranglers/Therapy?end of tour team shot. There we are now! (pic kind courtesy David Boni)

We thoroughly enjoyed playing the new song (“Callow”) at the shows and hope you’s all enjoyed us busting out “Innocent X” and “Lonely Cryin’ Only”. Looking forward to the festivals now and see you all soon with some more new album details 😉

Andy-Michael-Neil T?2018