Cheers for 2018, see you in 2019!

Just winding things up here for 2018 and what a year it’s been! We hit the floor running at the start of January with the recording of CLEAVE with Chris Sheldon (bizarrely exactly 25 years to the day we first worked with him waaay back in Jan 1993 recording what became the Short Sharp Shock EP). Soon after the album was done we hooked up with the good folks at Marshall Records who brilliantly shared our creative vision and we inked a new deal with them.

In March we were lucky enough to go out on an extensive UK run supporting one of our big influences The Stranglers. It was an amazing experience playing with them, great crowds and a lovely atmosphere both onstage and off. They looked after us incredibly well so respect to them and their crew.

We debuted the first single CALLOW at the BBC Music Festival in Belfast and then over the summer we played number of high profile festivals in the UK and Europe (playing in some of the new CLEAVE tunes as we went along) which as usual was a fantastic experience.

All the while we were chipping away at the preparation for CLEAVE and it was released end of September to pretty much universal critical acclaim from friends, fans and the press. Always a good feeling when you’ve been working on new stuff and it finally gets unleashed.

Both the CLEAVE European/UK headline tours were incredible, each and every show was highly enjoyable (sometimes for a variety of reasons ;)) and we did our best to play long sets with as much new stuff and as many of the ‘hits’ as possible. You all ran with it, singing along and getting well into the spirit of it all.

Rest assured 2019 will be just as busy, we have a 2nd European CLEAVE headline run starting Jan 23rd (getting to a few places we missed on the first bit, Austria, Czech Rep, Hungary, Italy, France as well as Belgium, Netherlands and Germany), then a short Finnish tour and then some NI/Irish dates to boot. Festivals are coming in now as well and we already have some nice ones in place and we’ll be announcing those when we get the nod from the organisers. All these dates are up over at the official site HEEEEERRRRRRRRRRE

And to coincide with those January shows we will have a new single/video from CLEAVE out called “Kakistocracy (It’s Ok Not To Be Ok)” so we’ll give you a heads up when you can see/hear that.

Also plotting some things for the upcoming 30th anniversary celebrations in 2020, we’d be mad not to have some sort of party(parties?) with you all so that’ll all be announced in due course once we have a better idea of where we’re at.

As we always say, none of this would be possible without your ongoing support so a hearty “thank you” to each and everyone of you folks and, as cliched as it sounds, you people are the best!

Right, have a lovely festive/holiday time, put your feet up and have a blast. Stay safe and every best wish for 2019!

Andy-Michael-Neil T? 2018