Happy Xmas & Happy New Year!

Ok gang, just getting ready to shut up shop here for another year. As you all know this year didn’t really pan out the way anyone expected and we sincerely hope you and your loved ones have come through it ok thus far.

From a band point of view we were thankful we could mark our 30 anniversary (in a more scaled down way) with a re-recorded “Greatest Hits” release and of course the recent biography “So Much For The 30 Year Plan”. You supported those releases brilliantly and everyone seemed to enjoy checking them out. The album actually gave us our first UK Top 40 chart position for quite some years and the book far exceeded expectations with the 1st pressing selling out during the pre-orders.


A big thanks to the teams at Marshall Records and Jawbone Press, who all pushed ahead with the releases despite disruption/extra hassle with production and distribution.


Though we haven’t been able to meet up in person we managed to get a bit of a system going to record some lock-down performances to keep ourselves and (hopefully!) you entertained. This was a new challenge (the main problem was that all our gear/demo set-up was stuck in London in our lock-up which we had no access to for most of the year) and also a lot of fun. Anyway, between what basic gear we had at home plus a few well chosen purchases we we’re able to make some decent sounding and looking videos.

We’ve also being using this process to demo some new material ‘remotely’ and that’s been a good way to keep active and creative.

Also a massive thanks to everyone with all their patience with regard to the re-scheduling of the ’30th Anniversary’ shows…we know there has been uncertainty and disappointment with the shows getting moved and pushed back but i think everyone had the same idea of waiting until it was safe and sensible to play again. And a huge thanks to our manager, our agent, the many promoters and venues who have worked so hard to help re-schedule our tour dates, not once, not twice but three times. It’s been a logistical nightmare but hopefully our touring at the end of 2021 and start of 2022 will go ahead as planned (plus Neil has a lot of birthdays to catch up on!).

So that’s all for now, adiós 2020…bring on 2021 and hopefully a more ‘normal’ feeling year. We couldn’t have got through this tricky year without all your good will, good humour & good grace so thanks to each and everyone of you for your ongoing support. Have a lovely festive time, take care, look out for one another and remember…those mince pies ain’t gonna eat themselves..stay happy!

Andy-Michael-Neil Therapy? 2020