December 2021

End Of Year Favourites!

Yes, it’s that time of the year! Here’s some of the fantastic stuff out there we’ve been enjoying this year.

Michael McKeegan


The Bug-Fire
Order-The Gospel
The Stranglers-Dark Matters
Tower-Shock To The System
Dare-Against All Odds
Eye Flys-Exigent Circumstances
Dave Gahan-Imposter
Green Lung-Black Harvest
Kowloon Walled City-Piecework
Pharmacist-Surgical Intervention
Manic Street Preachers-The Ultra Vivid Lament
Wode-Burn In Many Mirrors
Nekromantheon-The Visions Of Trismegistos
Tyrann-Djavulens Musik
Chris Catalyst-Kaleidoscopes
Mdou Moctar-Afrique Victime
Graham Haynes vs Submerged-Echolocation
Tribulation-Where The Gloom Becomes Sound
Bewitcher-Cursed By Thy Kingdom
Black Sabbath-2021 Remasters
Lock Up-Dregs Of Hades
Turnstile-Glow On


Joe Banks-Hawkwind:Days Of The Underground: Radical Escapism in the Age Of Paranoia
JR Moores-Electric Wizards:A Tapestry of Heavy Music
Stephen King-Billy Summers
David Buckley-No Mercy:Stranglers
Iron Fist magazine
John Banville-Snow
Glenn Patterson-Where Are We Now?
Colson Whitehead-The Nickel Boys
CJ Sansom-Dissolution
Gordon Burn-Somebodys Husband, Somebodys Son
Alma Katsu-The Hunger
Stephen King-If It Bleeds
Richard Bienstock/Tom Beaujour-Nothin’ But A Good Time


Documentary Now!
Nine Perfect Strangers
Mean Man:Story Of Chris Holmes
Long Strange Trip
Red Oaks
Money Heist
Morning Show
Black Summer

Andy Cairns

Big Lad – Power Tools
Bloody Head – The Temple Pillars Dissolve into the Clouds
Arvo Party – Corpus I
Burial – The Shock Power of Love
Sasami-The Greatest
Helm – Axis
Kowloon Walled City – Piecework
Leather Rats – No Live ‘til Leather ‘98
Sault – Nine
Paula Rebellato – Tape Loops Vol.1
The Bug – Fire
Peng Weng- Put Fire On It
Jake Wallace – Lacuna
Hatchet Field – Survival is Triumph Enough
Enola Gay – Gransha
Manic Street Preachers – The Ultra Vivid Lament
Big Brave – Vital
Billie Eilish – Happier Than Ever
Exhalers – Impersonal Relations

The Alphabetical Fugazi Podcast
Straight Outta Cobham Podcast

Pat Nevin – The Accidental Footballer
JR Moores – Electric Wizards
CFCUK Fanzine
Joe Banks – Hawkwind, Days of the Underground
Jean-Michel Rabaté – Think, Pig!

A Good Woman is Hard to Find
Kerry Godliman – Bosh Tour Cambridge
Chelsea FC
Manic Street Preachers Cambridge
Pat Nevin book launch Q&A, Lexington, London



Adam Curtis-Can’t Get You Out of My Head
The Queen’s Gambit
The North Water
L7: Pretend We’re Dead
Death by Metal
Flawed is Beautiful
King Rocker
Peanut Butter Falcon
Mare of Easttown
You Don’t Know Me
The Outlaws
Big Lad at JT Soars, Notts
Pigs x7 at Rock City, Notts
Supergrass Godiva Festival,Coventry
The Beekeepers reunion at Hairy Dog, Derby


Benefits-We See You
The Cramps-Songs the Lord Taught Us
Big Lad-Power Tools
Rush-Permanent Waves 40th anniversary box set!
Beastie Boys-Paul’s Boutique
Ewan McVicar-Amnocairn
Wire-Pink Flag
The Buddy Rich Big Band-Big Swing Face
Snapped Ankles-Forest of Your Problems


Jason Arnopp-Ghoster
Simon Reynolds-Totally Wired
Jon Ronson-Them: Adventures with Extremists
Simon Reynolds-Rip It Up and Start Again

NURSE 2-CD deluxe edition & black vinyl re-issue out now!

There’s a new Nurse 2-CD ‘deluxe edition’ and black vinyl out now so wanted to give you some more info on the release. (Bonus songs listing at end).

The black vinyl (after the huge success of the RSD2021 re-release) is the full original album taken from the 2011 ‘Gemil Box’ remaster which sounds fantastic and goes some way to remedying the ‘thin’ sound of the original.

The 2CD version has the same remaster on CD1 and CD2 has a load of cool bonus tracks. 17 in total (12 previously unreleased/unheard anywhere) and all have been mastered/remastered by Andrew Pearce, whos done amazing work on the Motorhead, Black Sabbath, Killing Joke etc etc catalogues.

There’s the 3 B-sides from the Teethgrinder single, the 2 Teethgrinder remixes (previous avails only on vinyl) as well as 9 of the original demos we did in Ireland prior to recording the album.

There’s also 3 alternative live takes from the studio which were recorded same time as the album…we tended to do 3 or four versions of a song then pick one to use, these are alternative versions to the ones on the finished album. These songs were all sourced and picked by Michael from the bands personal archive.

And the 2CD artwork is expanded with a new interview/essay with Andy tallking about the writing and recording of the album written by esteemed journalist Paul Brannigan. There are also a ton of flyers/posters/images and unseen photos in the cd booklet which has been put together by Curt Evans (High Anxiety/NANE/OCFA) so it looks as good as it sounds!

As the release is through Caroline Records/Universal we won’t be stocking it on our webstore but of course it will be available online and in all good record stores so contact your local stockist.

CD2 Tracklisting-tracks 4 & 5 first time on cd, tracks 6-17 previously unreleased.

  1. “Summer of Hate” (Teethgrinder single)
  2. “Human Mechanism” (Teethgrinder single)
  3. “Sky High McKay(e)” (Teethgrinder single)
  4. “Teethgrinder (Unsane Mix)” (Teethgrinder single)
  5. “Teethgrinder (Tee Hee Dub Mix)” (Teethgrinder single)
  6. “Nausea (1992 demo)”
  7. “Teethgrinder (1992 demo)”
  8. “Disgracelands (1992 demo)”
  9. “Zipless (1992 demo)”
  10. “Human Mechanism (1992 demo)”
  11. “Accelerator (1992 demo)”
  12. “Deep Sleep (1992 demo)”
  13. “Hypermania (1992 demo)”
  14. “Sky High McKay(e) (1992 demo)”
  15. “Nausea (Live from the Studio Floor)”
  16. “Summer of Hate (Live from the Studio Floor)”
  17. “Neck Freak (Live from the Studio Floor)”